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Price: ₹ 375.00 - ₹ 327.00
(as of Jun 22,2021 00:54:46 UTC – Details)

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India’s No. 1 dishwash brand Vim brings in its expertise in machine dishwashers. Introducing Vim Matic Machine Dishwasher Rinse Aid, specially designed to give brilliant spotless shine to your utensils. It helps preventing white water marks on the dishes, and improves their drying performance to provide a spotless shine. It protects the utensils by softening hard water in the dishwasher and prevents dishes from fading. It is suitable for all kinds of dishwashers, and can even be used for delicate and expensive crockery. All you need to do is pour Vim Matic Rinse Aid into the dishwasher until the dispenser compartment is full. It gets automatically released into the rinse cycle when the dishwasher is turned on, and simply refill it when it’s empty, to get sparkling clean utensils. For best results, use along with Vim Matic Detergent Powder and Vim Matic Salt. Based on All India sales volumes market survey in 2019 by independent agency. Also try Vim Matic All In One Tablets, with the power of detergent powder, rinse aid and salt in one powerful tablet – specially designed to remove tough Indian grease like oil/grease, masala, burnt milk and tea. It contains powerful enzymes that cut through tough grease and cleans the utensils inside the dishwasher, without an additional step of soaking, so that your utensils come out sparkling clean, no matter the ingredients and the cooking process. Based on lab tests

It helps prevent spots and water marks on your utensils to give them a brilliant and sparkling shine. Suitable for all dishwashers
Improves drying performance of your utensils
Protects utensils from hard water and prevents from fading
Recommended to use along with Vim Matic Detergent Powder and Vim Matic Salt; Recommended to use along with Vim Matic Detergent Powder and Vim Matic Salt

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