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21lgcmXnYLL Tamil News SpotTamil News Spot
Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Jun 23,2021 00:07:38 UTC – Details)

jPjiA4C Tamil News Spot

The handle is made from high grade CA Plastic, which is non-flammable and unaffected by oil, petrol, grease, water – practically anything.The blade is differentially hardened & tempered to resist wear, bending and meet high torque requirement.Bright & smooth Nickel Chrome plating finish effectively protects blade against corrosion.The screwdrivers are made keeping in mind the easy grip and easy usage of the customer so that there is no hassle or extra effort involved while using these screwdrivers.This kit is worth spending every penny and will never disappoint you.It contains Screwdriver kit of 7 bits with tester.
The blade tip is magnetized to lift small screw or to hold the screw
Made from high grade CA plastic, the handle of the driver is non-flammable and is completely safe
The blade is differentially hardened & tempered to resist wear or bending
Tip type is of both slot and Philips. Screwdriver kit of 8 blades with tester.

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