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Price: ₹ 349.00 - ₹ 272.00
(as of Sep 18,2021 07:27:24 UTC – Details)

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Treat dry, chapped skin with extra nourishing natural ingredients that absorb quickly. Shea butter, combined with vitamin e, deeply nourishes skin, restoring skin’s elasticity and smoothness. Shea butter is a powerful moisturiser. It provides the extra moisture, nutrients and protection needed by your skin. Shea butter cream has a healing power and is the best after shave regime for men. Vitamin e helps prevent signs of ageing and reduces sun damage. Using this ingredient results in healthy, resilient skin.

Makes skin soft and supple: The primary work of a moisturiser is to make the skin soft and supple by supplying the necessary nutrients. The addition of Shea butter supplies all the necessary vitamins and fatty acid.
Moisturises: Together with all the ingredients, this moisturiser helps in moisturising the skin and retains the natural softness without harming at all
Hydrates the skin: The moisturiser penetrates deep inside the skin and helps in protecting the cell membrane. The result is a barrier that forms over the membrane, which keeps the moisture intact.
Quick Tip: The moisturiser is perfect for everyday use for the people who have dry skin. However, this is the best moisturiser for oily skin for men as it does not leave the skin sticky. Plus, you can use this moisturiser cream for oily skin in winters by replacing your regular body lotion.

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