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Price: ₹ 23,664.00 - ₹ 15,809.00
(as of Jun 12,2021 20:36:26 UTC – Details)

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Press pager(APE130), then the watch receiver(APE6800) will receive the signal of pager, and someone will come to provide service.
For customers to notify the waiters.
Most of customers will receive the package in 6–12 days.

Wireless fluid system is widely used in the service area. It includes the buttons for guests to use and the signal receiver for waiters to use. When the guest is in need, he or she just presses the button near him or her, his or her desk number will be displayed with music or vibration.

APE6800 (Watch receiver):
Specification: 1.57*2.05*0.59 inches(40*52*15mm)
Function keys: DOWN, ENT, FUN
Number of display: Display one group number and store 10 numbers scrolling display.
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
Call button/pager capability: 399
Prompt mode: vibration, bell, vibration and bell.
Number deleting mode: manually, automatically
Screen: Color OLED
Display resolution: 128*128
Receiver sensibility: -114dBm
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Battery life: Million times
Work temperature:30-120 ?

Size: Base: 4.12*2.76*1.65 inches(130* 70 *42mm) Acrylic panels: 7.09*4.29*0.16inches(180*109*4mm)
Net Weight: 0.37 lb(170g)
Material:ABS Surface: Polishing Key:PC
Anti-skidding: Environmental protection silica gel
Key life: Million times
Call distance: 130-200ft(40-60m) indoors, 1600-2600ft(500-800m) in the open air
EMI compatibility: In line with the national standard
Battery: Alkaline Battery 12V 23A
Battery life: 12-18months
The degree of waterproof:General spraying water

package include
Wireless receiver x 1
Pager x 10

02. Rechargeable design, avoiding the trouble of changing batteries frequently, long stand-by time (about 10 days). 03. With encryption function, avoiding information lost by mistake operation.
04. With fast delete function, can delete the one or all calling information by one button. 05. Assorted with charged software, users can define the showing information, advertisement information and colors. Can also make registration more simple.
APE130: 01. Three keys to call, Service , Bill and Cancel. Match to all of SINGCALL receiver. 02. Special water-proof handling, practicability and security. Strong EMC anti-interference.
03. Registration of super stability. Anti-temperature and humidity changes. 04. Change the number at any time, super reusability.
Warranty not applicable for this product

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