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Price: ₹999.00 - ₹499.00
(as of Dec 08,2021 00:09:12 UTC – Details)

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ANTI -SLIP PROPERTY ✔Use of silicone resistance to improve the adhesion of the mobile phone, the frame surrounds the design, and the anti-slip performance is good. NON-MARKING ✔Protects the item from slipping, leaving no trace of use. EXTENSIVE ✔A wide range of uses, suitable for home office work. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ✔Non-toxic, non-polluting, benzene-free transportation. DURABILITYHigh temperature resistance, resistance to low temperatures, resistance to aging, resistance and durability. EASY TO CLEAN ✔When the viscosity is affected by excessive oil or dust, it can be recovered after washing with water. DURABLE & WASHABLE ✔The whole product is made of non-toxic, tasteless silicone material with comfortable hand feeling, no plastic contained. It’s washable, reusable, recyclable, heat-resisting. The black color doesn’t reflect sunlight, given you better viewing experience. ✔It is facilitation, simple and is used in extensive range. ✔Wash the base with water when you want to move it to another place. Cutting method: 1.Back double-sided tape number 2. Cut the numbers with scissors 3. Paste the cut number into the corresponding digital slot The packaging includes: 1 x Automobile anti-skid pad

★Function: This product uses multi-function devices. Car phone holder / car storage pad / vehicle temporary parking card / mobile navigation bracket
★Univelsal Compatibility: Suitable for all types of mobile phones,This product supports repeated washing, Dependents on Non-slip material, it can protect phone scratching, against bumping or flying out, whenever there is an emergency braking, sudden stop and sharp turn.
★Temporary parking card and item pad: The product comes with a temporary parking card that can be attached to the corresponding number slot for temporary parking.You can put some change, cigarettes, lighters, ID cards, small items on the pad.
Size: 25.6cm x 18cm/10.08″ x 7.09″ (Approx.)

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