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Price: ₹ 1,999.00 - ₹ 599.00
(as of Jun 20,2021 22:36:08 UTC – Details)

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Product Description

About the Brand

Royal Son is one of the leading company of India in fashion, eyewear & fashion accessories that bestow the alamode & mesmerizing product class as the name shows our product has bold and Royal style statement.

Unisex Sunglasses

These glasses can also be worn as a stylish accessory for your outings or your pics. These glasses are uniquely designed to match the facial features of men and women so its suits the wearer in any attire and make them look cool.

Keep your eyes safe

In today’s generation, we tend to use gadgets all the time be it mobile, tablet, television, desktop, etc; the uses of this device can’t be avoided nor can the blue light emitted from them be ignored. Royal Son glasses are installed with blue light filter lenses that block these harmful rays and keep the eyes protected.


The glasses have a very thin and fragile frame that easily fits on your temples. These light-weight glasses can be worn for a long time and you won’t even feel them on your eyes or the pressure on your nose and continue your work for a long-time without your eyes getting tired.

Replaceable lens

The lenses of the glasses can be replaced with prescription glasses lenses and can be worn on a daily basis, or you can use them as it is according to your liking.


These glasses are ideal for people who are most of the time in front of the screen like working professionals, technicians, IT people, students, teachers, college students etc; these glasses will protect your eyes and prevent stress on them caused by blue light.


These glasses are a great gifting option for your friends and your loved ones. It works excellent gift for birthday, party, anniversary, Christmas gift, etc; to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.

BLUELIGHT BLOCKER & REPLACEABLE LENS – Reduce symptoms of eyestrain during prolonged computer exposure. These frames are best used as indoor lenses for long hours of computer/laptop/Mobile Phone use to maintain natural sleep patterns and eye protection. The original lenses can be replaced with your prescription lenses at any store. (Blue Light Block Anti Glare Glass)
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – These blue light blocking glasses are made of reinforced TR 90 frames, and durable metal hinges, all the details ensuring you a perfect performance. Reduce the burden on your bridge of the nose and create a new sense of fashion. (Transparent/Clear)
PRODUCT DIMENSION –Size (Medium)- Lens Width: 55mm(2.16inches) | Lens Hight: 50mm(1.96inches) | Nose Bridge: 18mm(0.70inches) | Temple Length: 143mm(5.62inches)
COMFORTABLE WEARING – Air Lightweight and durable. These stylish aviator frame blue light blocking glasses fit well both for small faces and big heads because of adjustable temples. You can wear our glasses for long periods in front of digital screens or your upcoming trip out of town.

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