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Price: ₹ 699.00 - ₹ 219.00
(as of Jul 25,2021 19:15:00 UTC – Details)

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Product Description


Protokart 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit

Your search for best screen cleaner is over!

Streak free – formulated to gently and effectively clean fingerprints, dust and soils on all types of screens and monitors without leaving streaks or residue on the now shiny clean screen.No smellEasy to open the package – no more fighting with hard plastic shells that are designed like they were never meant to be open1 Microfiber cloth included – just the right texture, not too rough, not too soft. Leaves no smears and/or static charge, picks up all dust and grime when used with the original spray1 cleaning brush included – for cleaning the dust where your hands cannot reach. Ideal for laptop keyboard, PC keyboard, electronic PCBs etc Portable – easy to take with you anywhere, to go supplies for travelSafe ingredients – alcohol-free, ammonia-free and phosphate-free.

Main imageMain image

Wide usage

Effective for cleaning:

cellphones, mobilesLCD, ​TV, CRTLaptops, computer display or keyboardMacbook (except 2014 and 2015 models with Retina display coating!)Chromebook, GPS, Ipadkindle, e-readereye glasses (or sunglasses)camera lensesany gadget with screen.

Cleaner leftCleaner left

​Recommended usage

Turn off and unplug electronic device before cleaning. Lightly spray solution on the cleaning cloth, not on the screen. Wipe in straight vertical or horizontal direction. For better results do not wipe in circles. Wash cloth if dirty (no fabric softener or bleach), then air dry (no heat).

Cleaner 3Cleaner 3

Give yourself a gift of clear vision. This offer is time limited

Protokart 3 in 1 screen cleaning kit

Included soft, reusable microfiber cloths and keyboard brush wipes cleanly without scratching your sensitive electronics
Unique solution easily removes dirt, dust, and stubborn fingerprints
Perfect for TVs, computer monitors, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras or any similar electronics with a screen
Keep Clean your Laptop Screen, LCD Screen and Enjoy your work.

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