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Washington, Feb 23 (AP) Police officials who were tasked with protecting the Capitol on January 6 say the FBI did not flag to them an internal report suggesting extremists were preparing for war. The report was issued a day before the riot by the FBI’s Norfolk, Virginia, field office.

Washington Metropolitan Police acting Chief Robert Contee says the report came via email and says he believes a warning of that level would warrant a phone call or something. Steven Sund resigned as Capitol Police chief the day after the riot. Sund testified before Congress on Tuesday he was unaware the department had received the report until weeks after the insurrection.

Sund and Contee have criticized the intelligence they received from federal law enforcement about January 6. Sund has called for a review of how the intelligence community studies domestic extremism and shares information across agencies. The head of the FBI’s office in Washington has said that once he received the January 5 warning from the Virginia office, the information was quickly shared with other law enforcement agencies, including the Capitol Police. (AP) .

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