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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that to work at the local administrative level in the State, it is important to know the Bengali language otherwise it is difficult for the officials to understand the problems of the common people.The Chief Minister was speaking at the Malda administrative meeting.

She emphasized that her government was working hard to provide employment to the local boys and girls.

Mamata said, “I am telling this to all in the State. In West Bengal, if a person is from the State, he/she must get priority during recruitment to the State government jobs even if his/her mother tongue is not Bengali. I have no objection to that. But that person must know Bengali and should be a resident of the State. If the person knows more languages, it’s good. But knowledge of the local language is a must.”

“When there is a job, I say for all the States, the boys and girls of that State should get the job. If it is Bengali, the boys and girls of the State of Bengal should get it. We need to know the Bengali language. In Bihar, the people of Bihar will get it, in Uttar Pradesh, the people of Uttar Pradesh will get it,” she added.

She then instructed the Chief Secretary, “I will ask you to think a little. Sometimes we set up different commissions. I am talking about the State Service Commission. They give the job based on the numbers. Maybe someone did well, came from another place, got the job. But the local children did not get it. This time the one who got the job may have started working in a higher position, in a government post. It was seen that a person was going to take service from him, he did not know the official language (Bangla). It is often seen that when a person goes to the local administrator or goes to the BDO and he is speaking in Bengali, it can be seen that the administrator does not understand Bengali.

As a result, the officer is unable to read or reply to the letter, so it is important to know the local language. Learn more languages, no problem, but you need to know the language of the place where you work, otherwise, how will you solve the problems of the local people?”

The Chief Minister made it clear that work cannot be done in the district without knowing the local language. She also said from the administrative meeting that the government has taken the initiative of a huge programme to develop the infrastructure for the time being. So the main goal of the government in the coming days will be to create jobs.

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