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Kolkata police arrested Sajal Ghosh, a BJP leader from North Kolkata, Santosh Mitra Square after forcefully breaking down the door.

Trouble centered on eve-teasing and club vandalism began on Thursday night and continued into Friday morning. Sajal Ghosh has been accused of indulging the accused in the eve-teasing incident. Despite the BJP leader’s claim, he is being framed in a false case. He is not involved in any of these. Sajal Ghosh said, ‘He has been caught without any crime. Muchipara police arrested me for doing BJP.’ After the BJP leader was arrested and brought to the police station, many Trinamool supporters gathered outside the police station. Slogans continue to be chanted outside the Muchipara police station against the BJP leader. The situation in the area became very fiery.

Sajal Ghosh was arrested under the non-bailable section of the Arms Act. He has been charged with assault and theft. On Friday afternoon, the policemen of Muchipara police station came to the house of Sajal Ghosh, a BJP leader and one of the members of the club committee of Santosh Mitra Square durga puja committee. The police officer-in-charge told Sajal Ghosh that he was being arrested as there was an FIR against him. He was asked to co-operate with the police but Sajal locked the gate unwilling to come out. He challenged saying, “Break down the door to make an arrest.”He sat at the window and spoke to the media but did not listen to the police. Later, more force from Muchipara police station surrounded the house and kicked and broke the door, arresting the BJP leader.

Thus, Dilip Ghosh also raised questions about the arrest of Sajal Ghosh questioned, ‘Why was he arrested for breaking down the door like this? ‘On hearing the news of Sajal Ghosh’s arrest, BJP leader Kalyan Chaubey, MP Arjun Singh and Sayantan Basu went to his house. They instructed the party workers to protest outside the police station until Sajal Ghosh was released. Later, Sajal Ghosh’s wife Tania Ghosh lodged a written complaint against the police personnel of Muchipara police station for forcibly breaking the door without a warrant and forcibly arresting Sajal Ghosh.

She walked out of the police station and said she was not allowed to see her husband. Sajal has been taken to Central Lockup in Lalbazar for security reasons. He will be taken to Sealdah court on Saturday. Tania Ghosh also demanded an investigation into how the Muchipara police entered the house without a female police officer. According to local sources, one by one in Ward No. 49 on Thursday night. Police arrested two BJP activists Bikash Singh and his brother Bishal Singh for allegedly assaulting the woman. Sajal Ghosh and his followers went to the police station to release the party workers. Inside the police station, there was a quarrel between TMC and Sajal’s followers at night.

Though the matter was settled at night, on Friday, a scuffle broke out between the TMC and BJP supporters over the vandalism at the SMB Club, a short distance from the police station. The BJP alleges that the TMC attacked them without provocation and vandalized the club. Complaints of vandalism of a TMC worker’s shop in the local Stock Lane counter surfaced. Against Ghosh and some of his associates.

Sajal Ghosh, the son of Pradeep Ghosh, the leader of the Congress at one time and the leader of the Trinamool Congress at the other time, the Leader of the Opposition in Kolkata Municipality and former Mayor Parishad. He was also at home at the time of the incident.

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