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Price: ₹ 699.00 - ₹ 341.00
(as of Aug 01,2021 09:38:05 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Tamil News Spot

Bike covers are indispensible products of service that protect your bike from dust and scratches. Bike covers help prolong the beauty of the bike while protecting it from the harsh weather conditions. Features: high quality fabric water resistant all weather cover tie-strap mechanism to hold cover in place covers entire body of the bike extremely lightweight and durable can be used on almost all motorcycles* and scooters/scooty they are mainly designed to provide all weather protection to two wheeler body parts. Body covers are designed for everyday indoor use long term storage and outdoor use. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor covering of two wheelers. Functions: body covers are very essential for overall protection of the two wheeler automobile. Some of its important functions are: protect the vehicle against weather, scrapes, scratches and sun damage. Protect against sun damage to paint and leather. Protect the internal engine parts from rust and wearing. Shield the vehicle from flying road debris without any rubbing on the surface. Protect the two wheeler from extreme towing.

More secure & practical design: bottom double- stitched and special designed buckle for a snug fit, keep it secure on those windy days.
Lock-hole special design: with lock hole design at the front wheels area, allows using a bike lock with the cover on.
Easy to carry: the bike cover can be folded up compactly for storage
Bike cover with both left and right mirror pockets made from premium fabric
Color: Black & Blue
Vehicle Compatibility: Tvs Wego
Package Contents: 1 Bike Cover

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