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Former Prime Minister H D Devegowda and his son, former Chief Minister of Karnataka H D Kumaraswamy have both settled in Sindagi for some time now. The father-son duo is leaving no stone unturned to pump up votes for JD(S) candidate Naziya Shakeel Angadi. Sindagi is gearing up for the bypoll to fill the place of M C Managuli, JD(S) legislator who expired of Covid 19.

Sr Managuli was HDD’s Favourite Man

Mallappa Chanavirappa Managuli was a prominent leader of Janata Pariwar. He was a strong leader in Bijapur working his way up the political ladder from the district level. He became an MLA from Sindagi in 1994 for the first time. He had a great knowledge with regard to water projects and HD Devegowda tagged him along while taking up the Upper Krishna project that benefitted Raichur, Bijapur, Bagalkote, Gulbarga and Yadgir. After Janata Pariwar split and Gowda formed JD(S), Managuli followed him.

M C Managuli didn’t see many victories in politics. His last victory was in the 2018 elections opposite Ramesh Bhusanur. The difference in votes was around 9000. “Lead me to victory and congratulate with garlands when I am alive. Don’t come with a garland when I am dead. Make me win, now..for this will be my last election. I am not sure if I will be alive until the next election” he told the people of Sindagi in the 2018 election.

When JD(S) formed a coalition government with Congress after that, Managuli requested JD(S) supremo H D Devegowda about his wish to be a minister in his lifetime. As a result, his name was inducted into the cabinet list just 2 hours before the swearing-in ceremony. He served as Minister of Horticulture in the short-lived government led by H D Kumaraswamy. M C Managuli succumbed to covid 19 in January 2020 after a long term illness.

Ashok Managuli, the son

As expected, H D Devegowda was very keen on pitching Ashok Managuli, the son of M C Managuli as the next candidate from JD(S) in the by-election. But, Ashok Managuli had a different interest. To take a plunge into state politics, he chose congress instead of JD(S).

During the by-election in April 2021, Sindagi was expected to have a fight. But election commission announced by-polls to Basavakalyana and Maski only. By then, Congress had already announced Ashok Managuli as its candidate from Sindagi. With elections postponed, Ashok Managuli got plenty of time to build his image in the constituency.

He chose Congress for a reason

According to insiders, Ashok Managuli very clearly knew that JD(S) doesn’t have a stand in the next polls. BJP wouldn’t give him a ticket since Ramesh Bhusanur was already there as a strong vote-puller. So the next best option for him was Congress. Initially, Ashok’s sibling Shantaveera Managuli was told to be a front runner from JD(S). But, he refrained from joining mainstream politics and the family stood together in support of Ashok.

In the last 6-7 months, Ashok Managuli has travelled across Sindagi and worked with people at ground level. People know him well now and he is in their good books. This has made him a very strong contender.

Sindagi, the battlefield

KPCC president D K Shivakumar and Former CM Siddaramiah are not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that Ashok Managuli wins this election.

With all these developments, somewhere deep inside even H D Devegowda feels that the chances of Ashok Managuli’s victory are large. Hence the Gowdas targeted breaking the congress vote bank. They gave tickets to Naziya Shakeel Angadi from the minority instead. HDD and HDK are in Sindagi for some time, working closely with the supporters.

They are trying every trick to make sure to break the congress vote bank and hence give out a message that anyone who ditches JD(S) for other parties won’t taste victory that easily. The JD(S) has certainly lost a strong foothold in Sindagi. M C Managuli was the last link of JD(S) in Sindagi, this by-poll is expected to unveil several thoughts clearly.

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