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Price: ₹1,499.00 - ₹349.00
(as of Dec 09,2021 13:46:47 UTC – Details)

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Product Description


Anti GlareAnti Glare

What is Anti-Glare Coating?

Anti-glare coating, also known as anti-reflective coating or AR coating, is a thin layer applied to the surface of your eyeglass lenses that allows more light to pass through your lenses. This improves your vision by reducing the amount of glare that reflects off of your lenses.

Glare is the excessive brightness caused by direct light or reflected light. It often occurs when sunlight bounces off a reflective surface like water or snow. Phones, tablets, and computer screens lit by LEDs can also cause glare.

Standard plastic lenses reflect approximately eight percent of the light that reaches your glasses, and high-index lenses reflect up to 12 percent of available light.

Benefits of Anti-Glare Coating

Minimize Headache

Minimize Headache

Reduce Eye Strain

Reduce Eye Strain

Anti Blue Light

Anti Blue Light

UV Protected

UV Protected

Minimize headache

Do you suffer headaches from long time digital screen time? Fancy-Creation Anti Glare glasses will supercharge your health by blocking detrimental blue light while letting in all other beneficial light.

Reduced Eye Strain

Glare can cause serious problems during deep focus tasks or work that takes place on a screen. Anytime you need to squint to see something, you are straining your eyes. Eliminating glare during these tasks will help put less stress on your eyes.

Less Blue Light Exposure

Digital devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs all emit harmful blue light. Anti-glare coatings help to reduce your exposure to blue light, improve your sleep pattern, and reduce eye strain.

UV Protection

Anti-reflective coating also helps protect your eyes from UV rays (sunlight that doesn’t appear on our visual spectrum). This property can be enhanced by purchasing photochromatic (transition) or polarized lenses.

Different ColorsDifferent Colors

Available In Many Colors

This amazing spectacle available in many shades, try every look, every color will suit you.

Model PicsModel Pics

Get the beautiful look

Get it by just purchasing the product and unbox the product to get a new look!

Package Dimensions‏:‎18.5 x 10 x 5.5 cm; 200 Grams
Date First Available‏:‎8 November 2020
Item part number‏:‎FC-101
Country of Origin‏:‎China
Item Weight‏:‎200 g
Net Quantity‏:‎1.00 count

It protect your eyes from harmful light when you watch TV, work at computer, tablet, smartphone.
UV400: UV400 protection coating blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light, scattered light, and protect your eyes too.
Package Contains – 1 Sunglass, 1 Case, 1 microfiber cleaning cloth and 1 box to deliver your product safely

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