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Price: ₹ 42,990.00 - ₹ 15,024.00
(as of Oct 19,2021 03:33:38 UTC – Details)

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Does anybody wonder how women cook food in hot summers in kitchen, yes, we do presenting Faber’s next generation chimney which is a chimney, a fan and an air purifier.While cooking it will take all the smoke out from your kitchen with 1095m3/hr suction power. Hepa filter inside the chimney will trap all harmful particles such as dust, smoke, pollen etc and purfires the air and the fan inside the chimney gives you spot cooling purified air. The chimney is loaded with 2 motors, separate for suction and fan to ensure both the suction and spot cooling can happen independently. The three layer hepa filter gives efficiency upto 95 percent. Different texture available to differentiate from traditional steel and black color, which gives fresh look to your kitchen.

3N1 aerostation: it’s a chimney, it’s a fan, its an air purifier, quit smoking”, “stop sweating” And “breathe pure” In the kitchen
3 layer baffle filter for suction; triple layer HEPA filter for air purification; 3 speed fan for cooling
Warranty: 12 years on motor and rotor and 1 year on product
Suction capacity: 1000m3/; size: 90 C; type; REMPTY straight glass; wall mounted
Control type: soft touch with Black lit, speed: 3 + intensive speed
Color: Black, country of Origin: India

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