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Price: ₹ 9,999.00 - ₹ 4,850.00
(as of Sep 27,2021 09:12:04 UTC – Details)

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Ultrasonic Turbine Collapsible Washing Machine Bucket Type USB Laundry Clothes Washer
Portable Washing Machine
The foldable washing machine works using Ultrasonic cleaning. High-frequency vibration and cavitation accelerates the dispersion of liquids ensuring a thorough cleaning. 
Why is Ultrasonic Cleaning so Efficient and Effective?
The ultrasonic cleaning process is effective and powerful. The ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles and high frequency waves to penetrate fabric and remove the dirt, stains, and contaminants. The portable laundry machine cleaning action is very fast and effective. Additionally, it cleans very gently and doesn’t aggressively agitate clothes like a normal washing machine. 
Multipurpose Washer – A unique foldable design makes it easy to store anywhere. It is also suitable to wash fruits, vegetables, and other small objects. 
Easy Setup – Unbox the device, expand the bucket and place the washer into the bottom of the bucket. Plug the USB adapter into the power source and your machine is ready to clothes.
Applications – The folding washing machine is lightweight and easy to carry away while traveling on business trips, camping, weekend getaways, etc. It is also ideal for compact living space use such as apartments and RVs and can be easily transported from your home to your car, and beyond. 

  • This does not clean like a traditional washing machine. The clothes may only move a small amount throughout the cleaning process, which uses ultrasonic waves and cavitation bubbles instead of aggressive agitation.
  • Do not put your hands in the machine while it is running.

Multipurpose Compact Washer: The mini washing machine is convenient to use in small spaces such as apartments or dormitories and carry away for camping, business trips, travel, and other occasions. The folding laundry machine is an ideal gift for those who are constantly on the go.
Water, Energy, and Space Efficient: The compact washing machine can be easily stored anywhere. The foldable washing machine is suitable and designed for personal laundry, and is ideal for smaller articles of clothing. The portable RV washer saves both water and electricity compared to other washing machines.
Eco Friendly: The lightweight and durable washing machine is made of eco-friendly ABS and TPR materials. The folding laundry tub is perfect for washing lightweight clothes which need separate cleanings, such as ties, napkins, underwear and socks. Prefer 1 to 3 small items at a time. The mini washing machine also conveniently washes small hand towels and even masks to help keep you clean and safe.
Specifications: This small washing machine can bear over 2 pounds of laundry weight. It works with a USB power supply, DC 5V. The washing machine automatically runs through multiple cycles for 30 minutes, then automatically shuts down and can be restarted after one minute.

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