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16GB USB Flash Drive Cat / Puss

Do you have a cat or puss or know someone with a cat or sweet puss? Are you looking for a funny USB stick from your favorite cat or pussy? This lovely USB stick from your favorite pet has a capacity of 16GB. Are you crazy about cats or pussies or you know a cat lover, this USB stick kitty / cat is for you! This is an original, practical and lasting gift. 16 GB … this is sufficient for 10000 photos or 4000 MP3s or a few hours of Full HD video. Tip: On the funny, nice, beautiful USB Flash drive you can put a nice personal message or some video you made from your own pet.

Beautifully designed and practical at the same time, for durable data storage! Fast speed in write/read transfer.

Use the cute flash drive to store all your photo’s, work, games, school homework, files or your latest favorite music. The USB stick is made from the best quality and memory on the market today. A perfect device to store everything.

The USB Flash drive is reliable. You can put the drive into any computer or device with a USB port. Plug & Play. It supports high-speed USB 2.0 and is also USB 3.0-compatible. It supports different operating systems. No external power supply required.

The USB drives are funny to watch. They are hip and entertaining, so it’s a really nice gift for yourself or to give away to others.

This funny USB flash drive is from a high quality material which is very durable
Compatible with all USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB.3.0 devices
16GB USB Flash Drive Cat / Puss
Color: Black / Material: PVC / Height: 4.5 cm

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