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Price: ₹ 599.00 - ₹ 219.00
(as of Oct 16,2021 17:33:09 UTC – Details)

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– 100% Stainless steel wavy wire blades and ABS plastic material with heavy duty gear system

– Main advantage of BLOOM HOUSE™power free hand blender (MADE IN INDIA) is, it runs without Electricity and Manual hand operated unit.

– Also waviness of blades provides smooth operation while making recipes.

– It is useful for Beating: Cake creams and eggs; Liquidizing: Soup, Dal, baby food; Churning: Milk shake, Lassi, Butter milk, Coffee etc.

– Extra durability of ABS plastic, Easy to Grip for lefties and rightist, High speed operation of SS blades, Quick to clean, Easy to store, Multi-purpose wire blades, Available in multi colors (Colors may vary)

– Just a press and it will start functioning with high speed rotation of blades.

– By using BLOOM HOUSE™ power free hand blender not only you can blend the things, But it gives you an exercise to your finger.
Power: No electricity is required, Hand operated BLOOM HOUSE power free hand blender
Ideal Usage:- (a) Beating: Cake Cream, Eggs etc. (b) Liquidizing: Soup, Dal, baby food etc. (c) Churning: Milk shake, Lassi, Butter milk etc.
Functions: Beating, whipping, mixing, ideal usage :- beating : cream, eggs. Liquidizing : tomato soup, dal. Churning : milk shake, lassi, butter milk
Salient features: Easy to grip, Extra durability, Heavy duty gear system, Quick to clean, Easy to store, Multi-purpose blades, high speed operation, Multi colors (Colors may vary)

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