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INTENSELY MOISTURIZES: Packed with all-natural shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and argan oil, our rinse-out hair conditioner intensely moisturizes your curls and leaves them feeling velvety soft and lusciously clumped. The nourishing properties of these ingredients soak into your hair strands, providing the ultimate conditioning effect while also strengthening hair fibers.
DETANGLES EASILY: With its increased slip, our potent rinse-out hair conditioner gently works wonders on stubborn knots. It helps you detangle your curls easily without stressing them out or causing breakage.
DEEP CONDITIONS CURLS: Infused with rich fatty acids, aloe extracts, and potent natural oils, our leave-in formula conditions the thickest of curls! It coats your curls in a protective layer and softens dry, coarse curly hair – leaving it thoroughly nourished and healthy.

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