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INTENSELY MOISTURIZES: Packed with all-natural butters and oils, our hair conditioners intensely moisturize your curls and leave them feeling velvety soft and lusciously clumped. It coats your curls in a protective layer and softens dry, coarse curly hair – leaving it thoroughly nourished and healthy.
ULTIMATE STYLING: The Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Detangler, Hair Cream and Hair Gel make a powerful styling combo. It is thoughtfully designed to infuse your curls with rich, plant-derived extracts – helping them stay naturally detangled, intensely moisturized and lusciously clumped with a soft natural hold.
INTENSELY NOURISHING FOR DULL, DRY CURLS: Our Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil and Hair Mask, a curl quenching nourishing duo is a plant-powered blend of potent natural oils. No matter how dull, dry or frizzy your curls are, these moisturizing formulas penetrate deep into your curls and intensively nourish them from root to tip.

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