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Price: ₹399.00 - ₹159.00
(as of Jan 26,2022 23:40:07 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Tamil News Spot

Welcome to the world of Solimo – a place where premium quality and great value go hand in hand. Every Solimo product is carefully built to deliver exceptional quality. Right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, to thoughtful improvements, quality is at the core of everything we do. We invest our resources only on what is important to you and minimize costs on things like packaging, advertising and other extras that don’t add value. This helps us keep our costs low and create products that deliver more value for the price you pay. Expect a little more every time you buy a Solimo product.

Offers 100 percent transparency and retains the clarity and experience of original glass
Full edge-to-edge screen protection, Scratch-proof and anti-shatter properties provide superior protection
Smooth edges at the edge of the phone
Easy installation with kit provided
No Warranty

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