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Price: ₹ 1,600.00 - ₹ 899.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 00:37:56 UTC – Details)

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A float switch is a device used to sense the level of liquid within a tank. When the float ball rises or falls with the liquid to the level of the switch, The magnetic force of magnet which inside of the float ball will cause the reed switch to turn ON. When the float ball move away from the reed switch, the reed switch will turn OFF. Applications: The products are mainly used in household appliances (such as: water machine, water dispensers, water dispensers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, electric water heaters, air conditioning equipment, household drink straight tap water systems, etc.), industrial equipment (such as: air hydraulic machine, cold machine, drainage, lubricating oil system), gardening equipment, medical equipment, beauty salon equipment, aquatic farming and industrial water purification, sewage treatment system, automatic door control system and other industries.
Corrosion Free Material
Advance Magnetic Technology
Cable Lenght : 2 meter
Ideal Operating Ratings : Voltage: 2 to 12V DC Current: 5 to 50mA DC, Max Switch Current : 500 mA (DC), Max Switch Watt : 10W

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