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Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 295.00
(as of Jul 25,2021 03:25:13 UTC – Details)

ISRHEWs Tamil News Spot

Note: *Don’t paste it on any surface which is not smooth. Such as in the car, colorful painting wall ! *Use a dry cloth to clear the surface of dust, oil, water before you paste the clip! *Don’t tear it down and paste again!Second pasting will cause poor stickiness. *Don’t shake it after pasting it! *When temperature under 59 °F / 15 °C, pls use a hair drier to heat the clip bottom and then do pasting! *Don’t use it in the place where the temperature is higher than 105 °F / 40.6 °C ( e.g. when the car is exposed to the sun longtime), as high temperature will cause the gum melting and lose stickiness!A safe and well-organized workplace/homeis thus essential not only in keeping accidents (or even fatalities) at bay, but more importantly, other professional and personal benefits which impact both the organization and its members. What are these benefits? Employee morale and efficiency Making a good impression Health and safety

Good For All Surgaces&Easy To Remove:- 10 way cable clip manages wires and cables and secures them to a fixed point on a surface, like a wall, ceiling or floor.It occupies very little space and doesn?t need to be glued on the surface. And thanks to the acrylic adhesive pad, it’s possible for you to remove it without without creating a hole or damaging it in another way, also no residue left behind.
Professional Installation Process:- 1)This cable clip ask a CLEAN, SMOOTH, and DRY surface of table, glass, ceramic tile, marble and others; CANNOT be used on frosted or uneven surface, e.g. painted wall; 2) Clean the surface with free wet/dry wipes; 3)DO NOT use until 24 hours after sticking them,or it will reduce massive self-adhesive life or lose stickiness.
100% Free 1 year warranty:- Desktop Cord Organizer offers 1 warranty for any quality issues, we aim to make you 100% happy,please be sure to contact us directly for help if there is any issue.

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